Carefree Living

Sarasota Bay Club offers an array of high quality services and amenities that allow you to spend your time doing what you find the most enjoyable and important. Each of our staff are trained to serve you with the respect and care that you deserve by knowing your preferences and serving each Resident as an individual. 

One of the most unique features of our service package is the flexibility our Residents enjoy in dining, personal transportation and housekeeping. We don’t include these services in our base monthly fee so that you can customize your lifestyle as you see fit. Each Resident enters into our Club Agreement that provides the followings services:

Concierge, Valet and Emergency Response

Sarasota Bay Club Front Desks are at the heart of the community and is where great service starts. Our Valets are available 24 hours per day to retrieve and park your car and help you get your goods to your home. If you need maintenance or housekeeping just ask our staff and they will arrange it. Our Life Alert System is responded to by either a Nurse or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) to insure that each situation is handled professionally and properly. Twenty Four Hours per day seven days per week our staff is on duty ready to respond to the needs of our Residents.


Sarasota Bay Club Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all of the Common Areas. Importantly, even though SBC is a Condominium, the Club Agreement insures that our Residents cannot be assessed for the physical plant. SBC is also responsible for the maintenance of the interior of the Resident’s unit including the appliances, air conditioning, electric, plumbing, flooring and window treatments. The Resident is responsible for their personal furniture and belongings, however, for an additional fee our staff is available to help with these items also. In order to initiate work in their home, a Resident simply has to contact the Concierge and one our staff will respond within 24 hours or sooner in the case of an emergency.


Sarasota Bay Club Housekeeping Department is responsible for the cleaning and care of all of the Common Areas. They also provide service in the Residents' home including the care of all flooring, bathrooms, and kitchen. Housekeepers will also wash bedding and towels in the Residents' home and remake the bed. 

Many of our Residents have a Housekeeper that they are bringing from their previous home. Therefore, our base Club Fee does not include housekeeping. Those that choose our Housekeeping Service have the choice of weekly or bi-weekly service and pay the associated additional Club Fee.

Transportation, Parking, and Storage

Sarasota Bay Club provides regular transportation by our Community Bus for regularly scheduled shopping and activities trips for all Residents. This includes local grocery and drug stores as well as local malls. It also includes transportation to many of the arts events our Residents subscribe to.

As an optional service, SBC also provides car transportation within a reasonable radius of the community. This service can be contracted on a per trip basis or for unlimited use as an addition to the Monthly Club Fee. Each Resident that brings a car will be provided a parking space. Covered and Garage parking maybe available for an additional charge. Each Resident will also be assigned a Storage Unit located in the parking garage.

Utilities and Television

All electric, basic cable television, trash collection, water and sewer is included in the Club Fee. The Resident has the choice of adding premium television, internet and phone service and is responsible for the associated additional costs.

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